I am the only Doula in the UK providing the unique service of 24 hours per day, live-in postnatal support. 

I combine my knowledge of Midwifery, my experience of being a Maternity Nurse and my skills as a Doula to give you the very best birth and postnatal support.

Having someone working on-call, just for you, available throughout the day and night means you can confidently push through the challenges of birthing and raising a baby as they occur; you’re not left for hours (or days!) panicking about a slow labour, colic or sleep deprivation.  Instead you have a birth companion at your side - a warrior-friend who’ll ride those storms with you, in the moment, as they happen. 

This really is the gold-standard of childbirth support!

Pricing starts at £250 per 24 hours for postnatal care and £1500 for births.  Packages and payment plans are available.  Please contact me directly for your bespoke quote.