It’s far more common than you might suppose, or than many would admit – a lot of people can find the transition to parenthood a little bumpy to say the least. There can be feelings of confusion over the best route to take, lack of confidence or full-blown fear that something is wrong. On a practical level, getting used to having a new family member can be quite an adjustment. Yet, despite this, some new parents are extremely reluctant to ask for help.

Are you resisting asking for support?

Some new parents won’t look for the help and advice they need because…

  • They worry people will think they’re not coping and try to take over.
  • Everyone has told them it will come naturally, but it hasn’t and now they feel like they’re a failure
  • They believe that seeking support means they’re an inadequate parent
  • They feel parenting their baby is their responsibility alone

By arming yourself with knowledge, galvanising your confidence and knowing how best to care for yourself as well as the baby, you can switch on your inner Birth Warrior, and prevail in your postpartum.

A postnatal session is directed by you to meet your unique needs. The framework I offer will enable you to consider a wide range of factors that contribute to your recovery from pregnancy and birth, support you through any kind of feeding issue and facilitate a happy adjustment to new parenthood. Some areas we can look at together;

  • Resolving emotions and unanswered questions in relation to your birthing experience
  • Connecting with your new baby, your partner and a supportive community
  • Creating time and practice to honour your own needs
  • Healing your body with the right kind of nourishment and exercise
  • Reinforcing your self-belief and celebrating the incredible parent you are
  • Breast- and bottle feeding support

How do the Postnatal sessions work?

Each session lasts up to two hours and takes place in the comfort of your own home (homevisits are restricted to southern Hampshire).

You can book a single Postnatal Session for £75, or a block of six sessions for £400.

Important note:  Perhaps you have adopted a baby or have birthed with a surrogate. Or perhaps your baby was born sleeping. I support every kind of birth. I support all parents. The Postnatal Sessions are just as much for you. I am here for you.

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