Mamamorphosis - The Path to total postnatal transformation

Suffering trauma during your pregnancy and childbirth can leave you feeling hyper-vigilant, anxious and in need of appropriate support. The comprehensive Mamamorphosis programme combines Birth Trauma Recovery with The Postnatal Sessions to set you back on the road to positive parenting.

First we’ll deal with the trauma you’ve experienced, then move onto creating firm foundations for you to move forward. We can talk through the support you need through the postnatal sessions – it is always guided by your needs, with some sign-posting from me if I see a potential for added benefit.

Mamamorphosis is all about helping you to rediscover the joy of becoming a parent. Does it feel indulgent to spend so much time on you? On your feelings? On your partner’s feelings? Believe me, your baby won’t mind one tiny bit, because the relaxed, confident and happy parents they get in exchange will be exactly what they need.

How does the Mamamorphosis offering work?

Mamamorphosis begins with Birth Trauma Recovery: 3 Step Rewind technique. This will include the full three sessions, focused on significantly reducing the emotional charge of a difficult or traumatic birthing experience.

This will be followed by up to six postnatal sessions

The cost of this comprehensive package is £675.

As with the separate offerings, we can meet face to face, in your home if you live in southern Hampshire or via Skype. We will organise the sessions to suit you and your schedule.

To talk to Charlotte about the Mamamorphosis  programme and how it might help you, send her a message on the contact page, or call her on 07737 087729

This will be followed by up to six postnatal sessions

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