Birth Trauma Recovery - The 3-Step rewind process

Recognising trauma

Since birthing your baby you have spent some time thinking about how all this has been for you. You have been – and possibly your partner too – through a truly life-altering experience.

Childbirth can be a wonderful, empowering and transformative experience whilst others can find themselves feeling physically and emotionally drained. And sometimes birth doesn’t go the way we expect which can feel hard and painful, and add up to a difficult birth experience. Birth Warrior though you be, if the memories of your birth experience are negatively impacting your mood and/ or behaviour, you may feel you’d like some support in resolving some of those difficult emotions.

Perhaps the circumstances around the birth meant you felt anxious, the way you were treated by medical professionals left you feeling vulnerable, you didn’t feel listened to or heard,  you felt ‘in-the-dark’ during an emergency or were afraid something beyond your control was happening to you and/or your baby – all this can add up to feelings of trauma.

Sometimes childbirth is experienced as traumatic but then, because new parenthood is supposed to be this ‘joyful’ time, those uncomfortable feelings get buried deep, and ignored.

Difficult memories/ emotions can reemerge after some months, or many years later, as post traumatic stress (PTS) associated with childbirth or Birth Trauma). I have offered Birth Trauma Release to an impending grandmother, whose own long-ago birth experience reappeared in her mind when she supported at the birth of her granddaughter and to pregnant couples and individuals who sought healing from their prior childbirth experience as preparation for their next labour.

Unresolved Birth Trauma can contribute towards postnatal depression although the two illnesses are very different and should be treated as such; It can be helpful to resolve the trauma early as part of a journey to wellness so that you can be free to enjoy your baby without on-going triggering.

What is Birth Trauma Recovery and how does it work?

Being in a state of hyper-vigilance – or fight, flight or freeze rrsponse – following a traumatic experience is a really good indicator that the Amygdala – the oldest part of the brain that governs survival is working wonderfully well to keep us save should we face a similar situation again. However, remaining trapped in that state even when the perceived threat is no longer present can be a hindrance and some can be left longing for the associated heavy feelings to subside. This can be a challenge when the memory of the event is inextricably linked to feelings such as fear and helplessness. Left alone, the brain can replay the memory, repeatedly triggering the fight/flight response which is why being told to ‘get over it’ or ‘put it out of your mind’ can seem absolutely impossible. The 3-step Technique allows for the emotional charge to be ‘unhooked’ from the memory, enabling the memory to be processed in the rational-thinking brain, the neo-corex.

the 3 Step Rewind Technique

Birth Trauma Recovery – or the 3 Step Rewind Technique, involves us working together for 3 sessions, lasting approximately 90 mins each. The technique is designed to be effective quickly and will be just as impactful on symptoms from recent events as old.

You’ll be offered a safe space to tel your story and to explain/ explore the changes that you’d like to experience once your symptoms are alleviated.

You’ll be supported to feel safe and secure as you remember and re-frame the event in a deep state of relaxation

You’ll image your future-self effectively managing life and responding autonomously having freed yourself from the burden of being triggered

The sessions can be face to face if you are in southern Hampshire, or willing to travel. They can also be carried out over Skype – it’s what works for you that is important.

After your final session, you will feel a shifting in the emotional charge surrounding your birth experience. Your memory of the event will remain, and you’ll retain all the wisdom but the emotional charge will be lessened and you’ll soon begin to reach a place of peace.

What is the financial investment?

Birth Trauma Recovery costs £300. This covers up to four sessions (although rare, sometimes sessions need to be repeated, depending on the individuals’ progression). You will take away your own, personalized audio recording of your relaxation sessions so that if you continue to practice the technique, should you wish to.

If you would like to talk to Charlotte about what you are feeling, and explore the possibility of working with her, you can send her a message on the contact page, or call her on 07737 087729

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