The rabbit-warren of mental, emotional and logistical preparations for the birth of a baby can seem never-ending. Often conflicting ‘advice’ and recommendations can leave you wondering who is in charge of your body and baby. The simple answer here is YOU are. It’s always you. From how, where and with whom to birth your baby, I can support you to research, understand and decide which options most suit your needs, leaving you feeling informed, empowered and in control of your birth.

You may have given birth before and felt the experience could/should have been more enjoyable, more pleasurable and more memorable (for all the right reasons) or, you’re birthing for the first time and want to ensure this new experience is one that leaves you entering into motherhood powerfully and confidently. Expectant parents who invite me into their birth space do so with absolute trust that I will be there to support them in manifesting a positive birthing experience, however that birth may play out.

Birthing with a Doula present has been shown to:

  • Reduced risk of Caesarean birth
  • Reduced risk of instrumental birth (Forceps or Vontouse)
  • Reduced need for painkillers or epidural during birth
  • Reduced rate of induction of labour
  • Reduce the length of labour
  • Increased parental satisfaction with the birth experience
  • Increased likelihood of initiating breastfeeding
  • Increased likelihood of successfully establishing breastfeeding & remain breastfeeding at 6 weeks
  • Lower incidence of symptoms of depression

    What does the Birth Doula package include?

    • 3 x Antenatal Sessions (Up to 2-hours each)
    • Unlimited phone support throughout pregnancy
    • On-Call for Labour from 38 weeks of pregnancy
    • Labour and birth support wherever you choose to birth
    • 2 x postnatal visits
    • 14 days of daily phone support following the birth of your baby
    • All travel and parking expenses

    A message for partners and co-parents:

    I want to speak directly to you, the often-neglected partners and co-parents – because it’s important that you know my services apply to you as well. Sometimes it can seem as though I’m only talking to mum. But although they can be the focus, you’re a huge part of this life event too, so why would I leave you out?

    I’ve asked the question, so I know some mothers have put off asking for help from someone like me because they were worried about how their partner would feel. And I’ve dealt with some partners who were almost hostile to me, because they thought I was going to step in and take over from them.

    That’s not what I do. I’m here to support and help you lovely people who a raising your baby together – both of you – all of you.

    If birth mothers find it hard to get good information about caring for baby, it’s even harder for partners. Who do you ask for help and advice? There are more books and websites out there than you can count – but there is nothing to compare with being able to have a conversation with someone, and have them give you great first-hand support that is all about your particular circumstances.

    And like I do with mum, I won’t judge you, no question is too ‘silly’, and I don’t assume anything – I’m a safe space to express your questions, concerns, and even your fears.   

    So, you may not be growing or breastfeeding the baby, but there is so much you can offer throughout labour and those early weeks to comfort, nurture and care for your partner. I will support you to step fully into the importance of your role.

    Which areas do you cover?

    I work across Hampshire, within 45 minutes of Winchester. I have established relationships with the maternity teams at Princess Ann, Hampshire County Hospital, Basingstoke and Andover, as well as with the Blossom and Bloom Home birthing Team and the New Forest Birth Centre

    What is the financial investment?

    The full Birth Doula package is available to you for £1500. Packages can be scaled to suit different needs and budgets so please do get in touch to discuss your preferences on 07737087729.

    Important note: During COVID-19 social isolation measures, I am offering remote antenatal preparation sessions at £60 per session. I am also offering emergency remote Birth Doula support on a ‘pay what you feel it’s worth’ basis with 10% being donated to The White Ribbon Alliance UK. Please contact me for more information on 07737087729.

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