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The early days of parenthood can be a perfect blend of blissful highs and teary lows. Life with a new-born baby can be such a wonderful experience, full of love, learning, cuddles and bonding.

But it’s likely there will also be some crying, interrupted sleep, feelings of overwhelm and stress. Whilst the full reality of parenthood is tough for most of us, with the right kind of support, we cope and more than that, we thrive. And that’s why I know you are amazing and you’ve got this! (even if you don’t feel that way yet!)

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Antenatal & birth support for a positive birth

Practical and emotional support after birth

Practical and emotional support after birth

The Postnatal Sessions with Birth Trauma Recovery

The blissful way to feed your baby

An important letter to expectant parents

Over many years of talking to expectant, birthing and new parents, their partners, their families and friends – you discover a few things.

You find out that so many parents of newborns are terrified. They are scared of getting it wrong, of doing something that will hurt their baby. But they hate admitting it, because they are worried they will be judged. That they will be labelled ‘inadequate’ as parents, and some even worry that their baby will be taken away.

They get advice from all quarters and it’s confusing, and some conflicts with their own instincts. People fall out over the way to care for a baby, about routines and feeding and how much they should be wearing and every other facet of childcare! And in amongst all this, parents can start to feel invisible, as if their needs don’t matter any more.

Some get very little support and advice and are left feeling helpless in the face of a screaming baby they don’t understand.

Some have unwanted feelings of detachment, grief and even resentment – but the guilt keeps them silent.

Some battle through postnatal depression and anxiety – often without diagnosis or treatment, and very rarely we need stay vigilant for signs of postnatal psychosis.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? This ecstatic time you should be having with your new baby is riven with fears, doubts, and potential mental health issues. Brilliant.

The truth is that almost all of this can be understood, talked through and let go. The potential for PND and other birth-related health issues can be reduced or eliminated entirely. Most problems that do occur can be spotted and addressed before they become critical. That’s why having someone close-by to nurture you through this delicate phase can make all the difference.

When I work with new parents the single most important thing I need them to understand is this – I will not judge you.

I am a completely safe space for you to share what is troubling you.

There are as many ways to raise a baby as there are babies!

Sometimes you might make a choice that clashes with ‘conventional wisdom’ but which is right for you and your baby. We will talk about what you want to do in a calm, positive atmosphere. If there is a a decision you are struggling to make, I’ll signpost you to a range of credible and relevant evidence, so you can think it all through and make an informed decision.

Whatever that decision is, I won’t judge you.

I am there for you. I’m on your side and my whole purpose is to enable as positive a birthing and early parenting experience as possible. I am most definitely not there to judge, criticise or undermine you.


Hopefully, knowing that will help you to reach out if you are feeling the need to talk to someone.

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