So this tiny baby (or two or three!) arrives and you’re like; ‘OMG the world just flipped on its axis!’  The laundry’s pilling up, you’re living off Marmite Toasties and tins of cheesy pasta, you don’t remember the last time you washed your hair and you’d do anything to get a peaceful nights sleep.  You’re freaking out because you have no idea if the baby’s poo is the right colour, if she’s feeding enough or too much, how much crying is too much crying and you’d still do anything for a good nights sleep.


Now breathe.  Put the kettle on, I’m on my way.

{Enter Doula}

When you choose to seek support from a Doula you will get a handle on things again.  You’ll feel like you are back in charge of the chaos.  We Doulas work for you and with you.  We help with providing cares for the baby.  We help by doing the grocery shopping. We’ll be by your side the first time you take the baby on the tube or the pram on the bus.  We’ll help you fathom the car seat.  We help by cooking you and your equally exhausted partner a nutritious and restorative meal.   We help by caring for your other children, by doing the school-run, by putting the bins out and walking the dog. 

Doula’s sweat the small stuff so that you can do what is most important – recover from labour, learn to feed and fall in love with your baby.

If you chose specifically to work with me, you’ll get this support 24 hours a day for 5 or 6 days per week for up to 4 weeks.  I will literally move in with you for that period – don’t freak out now, I’m not like one of those unwelcome in-laws!  I’m discreet, I respect your privacy, your space and your time to spend either alone or with your partner. 

  • I will ensure you are well tended to during the day. That you eat well and rest well so that you can regain your strength and totally rock at being a new mum.


  • I will support, encourage and cheer you on to become a breastfeeding badass
  • I will care for your baby at night so that you can get some awesome kip, confident your baby is safe.
  • I will help settle your baby at night after feeds so that you sleep as much as possible.
  • I will keep your house tidy and your laundry clean so that you have time to bond with your baby and share in that new love with your partner.
  • I will keep your older children entertained so that they feel as much cared for as your new baby and you can let go of the mum-guilt.


Still on the fence about hiring a Doula?  Here are the hard-nosed facts:

Labouring women, who are well supported by a birth partner are less likely to report experiencing mistreatment

I’ve never met an expectant mother who expects or wants to be treated like shit during labour and yet such a high number of women report feeling of mistreatment from hospital staff.  Birth legend Ina May Gaskin (defo check her out, if you haven’t already) says that if a woman in labour doesn’t look like a goddess, someone isn’t treating her right and I couldn’t agree more.  

Having a Doula’s support through labour has shown to reduce reported feelings of mistreatment…allow me to be your support and I’ll treat you like nothing short of a Goddess

Read more here:


- Women who are well supported after the birth of their baby have a significantly reduced risk of Postnatal Depression. 

Postnatal Depression is a growing concern in the Western world, where we women have become isolated from the help of extended family members and convinced we should be ‘capable’ of doing it all.

 We are expected to get on with it, be amazing at EVERYTHING and be back in our skinny jeans within 6 weeks.  I cry BS to that!  It takes a tribe to raise a new mum – raising a baby single-handedly is unbelievably difficult - and if your tribe’s not available to help, your Doula will stand in. 

- Women who are supported by a Doula report improved birth experience

Hello?!  Wouldn’t you feel better with round-the-clock professional emotional and practical support from someone who has your back, stands with you in your corner, praises you, encourages you, empowers you, tells you “You’ve got this!”?

A qualitative study of volunteer doulas working alongside midwives at births in England: Mothers' and doulas' experiences

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- Women who are well supported after the birth of their baby are more likely to achieve their breastfeeding goals

Breastfeeding might not be your goal – and that’s totally fine by me – I will support your feeding choices whole-heartedly.  I am NOT the breastfeeding police! I am however very passionate that women who want to breastfeed are enabled to do so and that for them breastfeeding becomes an easy and enjoyable experience. 

Too many times I’ve heard unhelpful, incorrect, inconsistent, conflicting and counterintuitive (quite frankly) bad ‘advice’ given to breastfeeding Mamas.

When you choose to work with me, you can be assured that my breastfeeding knowledge is current, inline with UNICEF’s Baby-Friendly Initiative, results- and evidence-based.  Plus, I’ve been a breastfeeding mum too - not that I presume our journeys will be the same - but I do understand first-hand the pain of Mastitis, the frustration of feeding a child with a tongue-tie or oral-thrush, and the toll of persistent nighttime feeding.

I can support you right from the day your baby is born so that you feel you are getting all the support and encouragement you need to get all that incredible Oxytocin and Prolactin flowing, to latch and position the baby well, to recognise and differentiate hunger signs, to effectively burp your baby and to feel assured your body is producing enough milk and your baby is satiated.

If done well and early enough, these techniques can help enormously to build and establish your breast milk supply.

Finding a way to navigate those night feeds, using only the gentlest of methods to encourage a feeding/sleeping rhythm that works for baby and is sustainable for you, is what I am all about. 

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Plus, did you also know that women who breastfeed are at a reduced risk of Postnatal Depression? Take a look for yourself here: