Maybe you’re facing parenthood for the first time, maybe this is your second/third pregnancy, maybe you don’t have a (birth or life) partner to support you in labour or maybe you do have a partner but you’re worried s/he will need coaching…

You might be absolutely buzzing with excitement right now, or facing labour with mixed emotions of joy and fear – for a plethora of reason – but, I hear ya! Facing the unknown is scary and even more so when we do it alone.  However, whatever your circumstances you definitely don’t need to face the monumentally life-changing quest of birthing by yourself.

I help pregnant women and their partners achieve a powerful and confident birth where they feel totally in control, even when things don’t go completely to plan.

In my world education rules!  I help expectant mums/ parents to get reading the right stuff, get knowledgeable, arm themselves with research papers and medical evidence so that however they labour plays out, they remain in charge.

When you chose to work with me in labour;

  • I will help you and your partner create a birth plan that takes into consideration many possible birth outcomes so that you remain the masters of your birthing journey and can assert your birthing preferences with confidence.


  • Continuity of care is ESSENTIAL! I will see you 3 times in pregnancy, helping you to galvanize your self-belief and ease your fears around childbirth so that you can birth calmly and with courage.
  • I will be on-call for your labour from 38 weeks of pregnancy and stay stead-fast by your side until you are victorious in bringing your baby earth-side.
  • Sometimes pregnancy and labour can result in sad and difficult outcomes. Wherever your journey leads, I will walk the fire with you so that you have a birth-comrade you trust - that cares for you, understands you and always has your back – right by your side.
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