postnatal depression

F*ck the mum-guilt! It’s time to build your tribe!

Last week I had a first-time mum sobbing in my arms; she felt like she was failing by not being able to provide 100% of the required care to her newborn.  She felt she was a bad mother, she felt her son deserved more, she felt that other mothers were judging her negatively and that…

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6 Savvy Steps to an Empowered Birth

  Thanks to the brilliant initiative of Millie Hill, the positive birth movement (amongst others) is quickly becoming the new gold standard of achievement for pregnant mamas.  For me, a positive birth means an empowered one so  here are my 6 savvy steps to achieving a birth that’ll leave you rocking out like a victorious Birth Warrior!…

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Can exercise help beat postnatal depression?

  I was never much into exercise.  Throughout my twenties I’d enjoyed a frivolous and fun existence, never really giving much tought to my physical health.  Until I needed to… after a dodgy routine smear result I decided to give my immune system a boost by eating well and exercising regularly.  I found a unexpected…

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