How and when to SLEEP in LABOUR!

I know, it sounds f*cking impossible, right?! But trust me; it can happen! One of the first babies I ever saw being birthed, swam earthside after no more than two gentle, breathy pushes, after mum had been resting – sleeping, even – in a dimly lit, warm, peaceful room. In all honesty, seeing my client…

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Language, Self-talk and Courageous Labour

language courageous labour

Language.  So often we use words without thinking out of habit or because of cultural norms. I’m feeling super inspired right now thanks to the insights of one amazing Birth Warrior that I met through the Positive Birth Movement Group I host.  She shared her increasing awareness of the power of language and how the…

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Birth-Partner, Men & using your BRAINs

birth-partner, men and brains

Good birth-partner support can often make all the difference for a labouring woman. So a BIG SHOU-OUT t to the Birth Warrior Birth-Partners today….ESPECIALLY the MEN!!! This short but sweeeeeeeet blog is especially for the anyone planning on being the best birth-partner they can be! On a deep, primal, DNA, hard-wired programming level Men’s role…

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Tearing and Pushing; Everything you need to know!

Tearing and Pushing; everything you need to know

I had a really poignant message this week from a pregnant first-time mum about pushing and perineal tearing and, with her permission,  I’m going to share some of that content with you because I feel like it’s really relevant to a number of women that I’ve been speaking to recently that have expressed similar fears. Basically…

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