How to have a transformational birth

I know I’m a total Birth Nerd but is there really anything more astounding than the act of growing a  human being and birthing them gloriously into the world? I don’t think so. For over a decade now I have had the absolute pleasure of bearing witness to scores of

Matrescence: The untold story of a Mother’s becoming…

It was an absolute honour to have been invited to guest blog for Nurturing Birth. The Doula-training organisation is where my journey to become a Doula began back in 2016 and over the years I have really valued the opportunity to grow with and be nurtured by them. I now

Sleep Disorders in Pregnancy

You think getting some is hard with a newborn?! Try doing it whilst you’re still preggers! (We’re talking SLEEP, not sex – you filthy lot!) Picture this… it’s 3am.  I’m 40 weeks pregnant and awake.  Again.  I’ve peed a gazillion times already tonight but now I’m running to the loo

How and when to SLEEP in Labour

I know, it sounds f*cking impossible, right?! But trust me; it happens! One of the first babies I ever saw being birthed, swam earthside after no more than two gentle, breathy pushes, after mum had been resting – sleeping, even – in a dimly lit, warm, peaceful room.  In all

6 Savvy Steps to an Empowered Birth

Thanks to the brilliant initiative of Millie Hill, positive birth is quickly becoming the new gold standard of achievement for pregnant mamas.  For me, a positive birth means an empowered one.  Here are my 6 savvy steps to achieving a birth that’ll leave you rocking out like a victorious Birth Warrior! 1

Exercise your way out of PND

I was never much into exercise.  Throughout my twenties I’d enjoyed a frivolous and fun existence, never really giving much tought to my physical health.  Until I needed to… after a dodgy routine smear result I decided to give my immune system a boost by eating well and exercising regularly. 

Fertility & Sleep

Could THIS be the thing that helps you to conceive? If you’re trying to conceive #TTC at the moment, firstly my thoughts , love and excitement are with you.  Secondly if you have been TTC for some time now and are experiencing difficulties, you may want to skip the first

Book Review: The First 40 Days

Book Review: The First 40 Days; The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother by Heng Ou. My obsession for deliciously healthy and lovingly prepared food goes waaaaaaaay back to when my teenage years.  My mum raised my brother and I on her own whilst simultaneously working two full time

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