About Charlotte

img_4340Hi, I’m Charlotte Bailey and I have supported hundreds of pregnant, labouring and postnatal women, at home, in Birthing Centres, Maternity Wards and Theatres.

Having always been captivated by the wonder of pregnancy and childbirth I felt, from a young age, the passion for working with women.

My career began more than 10 years ago as a Mothers Help – assisting mums in caring for their children and helping around the home.

I went on to become a Sole-Charge Nanny and cared for numerous babies and children from Newborns to Teenagers.

As I became increasingly focused on promoting women’s health, working with pregnant women and new mums I began training as a Midwife and, whilst I absolutely loved being a Student Midwife, as I approached qualifying I found it almost impossible to visualise working in this role.

Instead I realised I wanted the freedom to be with women for as long as they needed supporting, without the pressures of working on a busy hospital ward.

That’s how my journey led me to becoming a Doula, Birth Trauma Coach and founder of Positive Birth Movement – New Forest.

Some describe being with women as a calling – I get that.

img_0827Having birthed my own child, I feel very strongly that all women have the right and ability to be the masters of their birthing stories and I have a deep-rooted belief that I have a role to play in facilitating that.

I enable women and their partners through giving time, promoting self-advocacy and providing continuous care.

My mission in life is to connect women, with themselves, each other and their babies because connected women thrive.

I live in the peaceful New Forest with my daughter and our beloved cat.

I will work in the New Forest, Southampton, Winchester, Salisbury and Bournemouth.