I have a background in women’s empowerment work and experience as a trainee midwife, maternity nurse and night nanny. As well as being an experienced and recognised Birth and Postnatal Doula I am the Operations Manager for The Positive Birth Movement, facilitator of The Positive Birth Movement Meet-up in The New Forest, a certified 3-Step Rewind Practitioner and Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner and a volunteer for The Association for Postnatal Illness.

After birthing my first baby,  nutritionally-imbalanced and chronically sleep deprived, feeling isolated in my own home with almost no support, I battled Postnatal Depression and survived! I am now a recovered-renewed-loving-life-again mum to a thriving primary schooler.

All that experience has led to me being a champion of pregnant women and birthing people; and most especially a facilitator for new parents of all kinds.

Like so many other courageous women, my journey to becoming a Birth Warrior was a tough one. After the buzz of having my new baby lulled, I felt alone. Lacking a good support network, I did what no Birth Warrior should ever do – I attempted to soldier on, never asking for help and pretending I could manage all by myself.

    I forgot that it takes a village to raise a child.  I learnt the hard way that it takes a village to raise a new mum too. Luckily my tribe rallied, and I found my strength again. 

    Now my promise to all new parents is that I will encourage you, praise you, enable you, support you and help you throughout your early parenthood, and preparation for birth if needed.

    And I do it without judgment. Without shame. Without comparisons, assumptions or put-downs. With courage, care and compassion and consistent, evidence-based information (and no doubt plenty of Tea!).

    With all my personal and professional experience, I know that every parent’s story is different, and every parent’s response to pregnancy, birth and early parenthood is unique to them. I come to you free of assumptions about what’s happened to and around you. I hold space for you and I hear you.

    But, what is a Birth Warrior?

    Birth Warriors see pregnancy and childbirth as a rite of passage and take decisive action to prepare accordingly. They feel great love, great faith and great determination. However, they are human and as such they also experience times of doubt. And so a Birth Warrior will rally her champions and take inspiration from their belief, to continue courageously onwards through their birth journey and emerge the other side, victorious in their quest.  A Birth Warrior returns to receive great honour; feasts are offered to restore body and mind, celebration and praise of the accomplishment galvenises their self-belief. Ultimately changed but so much stronger than before, the Birth Warrior rises again.

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