How and when to SLEEP in Labour

I know, it sounds f*cking impossible, right?! But trust me; it happens! One of the first babies I ever saw being birthed, swam earthside after no more than two gentle, breathy pushes, after mum had been resting – sleeping, even – in a dimly lit, warm, peaceful room.  In all

6 Savvy Steps to an Empowered Birth

Thanks to the brilliant initiative of Millie Hill, positive birth is quickly becoming the new gold standard of achievement for pregnant mamas.  For me, a positive birth means an empowered one.  Here are my 6 savvy steps to achieving a birth that’ll leave you rocking out like a victorious Birth Warrior! 1

Exercise your way out of PND

I was never much into exercise.  Throughout my twenties I’d enjoyed a frivolous and fun existence, never really giving much tought to my physical health.  Until I needed to… after a dodgy routine smear result I decided to give my immune system a boost by eating well and exercising regularly. 

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The postnatal prep guide

four easy steps for a powerful postpartum

All the tools you’ll need to:

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