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Conquering Postnatal Depression

Conquering Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression is a growing concern in the Western world, where we women have become isolated from the help of extended family members and convinced we should be ‘capable’ of doing it all.

I cry B.S. to that!

It takes a tribe to raise a new mum and if your tribe’s not available to help, your Doula will stand in.

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Postnatal Doula Cares


Having someone on-hand throughout the day and night means you can confidently push through the challenges of raising a new baby as they occur; a birth companion at your side - a warrior-friend who’ll ride those storms with you, in the moment, as they happen. 

When you choose to work with a Doula you will feel like you are back in charge of the chaos.  We Doulas work for you and with you. We help with providing cares for the baby.  We help by doing the grocery shopping. We’ll be by your side the first time you take the baby on the tube or the pram on the bus.  We’ll help you fathom the car seat.  We help by cooking you and your equally exhausted partner a nutritious and restorative meal. We help by caring for your other children, by doing the school-run, by putting the bins out and walking the dog...

Client Feedback

I felt we were in safe hands with her

I am still grateful for what she did to this day. We had terrible issues - it was out of control and she stood by and guided us through everything. I was in a terrible state and she was absolutely brilliant. She is a very sensitive person and was very helpful. She is very easy to have in your home and knows when you need your space. She knew what she was doing and I felt we were in safe hands with her, she really is amazing. She saved our day. It was just what we needed


I would absolutely recommend her to anyone

Charlotte is fabulous and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. I was going through such difficulties and she came in and was always so helpful and so pleasant and just the sweetest thing with the babies. She would do dinner and always pitched in and did more than asked. I was so overwhelmed and she has the calmest demeanor and always responded to my babies needs with absolute professionalism. We even invited her to Christmas with us – she became such a part of our family.


Passionate about helping parents bring up their babies

Charlotte was excellent and I would rate her extremely highly. She clearly had a lot of knowledge on a subject we were in need of learning about. She was very patient with hearing our questions and provided good answers for us. She was very friendly and clearly passionate about helping parents bring up their babies. We would highly recommend her to anyone who has a new born and is struggling with breast feeding and wants some help and reassurance


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